Business Loans

Quick & Flexible Biashara Loans

Business loans

What is a Business Loan?

We offer quick and flexible business loans to Micro clients, SMEs and Corporates. Our business loans are structured and tailored to provide you with the required capital to meet your current business’s needs as well as help you fulfill and achieve the potential growth of your business.

This includes short term loans for emergency needs, medium term loans such as revolving facilities and also long term facilities. Our business loans targets different purpose such as:

  • Working capital
  • LPO financing
  • Micro Inua Loans- ( for Small Businesses)
  • Kodi Cash- for landlords to finance personal development needs.
  • Invoice Discounting, among many others


With our experience in business loans, we consider flexibility on loans’ collateral and have attractive interest rates.

Requirements for Business Loans

Progressive credit lets you apply for  the most competitive business loans in Kenya. Our Loans are affordable and flexible as we are open to negotiations with all our clients to make sure we give a loan facility that is competitive and very comfortable for every business person in Kenya.

Business Loans

SME Business Loans

SME business loans, also known as small and medium-sized enterprise business loans, are financial products specifically designed to meet the financial needs of our clients. These loans provide access to quick capital that can be used for various purposes, such as financing stock/working capital, bridge financing &etc. Wiith flexible repayments plan and interest rates.

-Twelve(12) months’ bank and Mpesa statements
- Identification documents – National ID or passport/KRA PIN
- Security – Logbook, title deed etc.
- For registered business provide prove of business ownership
* No Limitation on Age/ location of the Security pledged as collateral

Business Loans

Loans for Landlords & Landladies

As a landlord or landlady, you can access loan facilities to improve rental houses and take care of other needs through our Kodi Cash loan. We partner with you and your property agent to give you very flexible financing terms against rental income.

Our requirements include:
- Property management contract
- Three (3) months’ payment vouchers
- Security – Logbook, title deed etc. For registered businesses, registration documents

Business Loans

Corporate Business Loans

To facilitate corporate business owners to finance working capital and their consumer needs. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer flexible loan options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our loans are designed to be customizable, with flexible interest rates and repayment terms that can be adjusted to suit your budget and cash flow requirements with no hidden Charges and individual attention to every customer we can help you find the right solution for your business.

- 12 Months financial statements i.e Mpesa and Bank statements
- Original id and Kra pin
- Copy of Security pledged as Collateral
- Business Support documents

Business Loans

Microbusiness Loans

To assist micro business owners to finance working capital and their consumer needs using business stock or a formal security as collateral, Increase or sustain business operations by adding more stock, expanding your business and asset investment. Quick loan processing, flexible repayment plan & flexible requirements.

- Mpesa or Bank statements
- Guarantors or formal security
- Prove of business ownership
- Original id and KRA pin