Business Loans in Kenya

Quick Business Loans in Kenya

Business Loans in Kenya

Quick business loans in Kenya

Progressive credit lets you apply for  the most competitive business loans in Kenya. Our Loans are affordable and flexible as we are open to negotiations with all our clients to make sure we give a loan facility that is competitive and very comfortable for every business person in Kenya.

Where can I get a loan to start a business in Kenya?

You can get a loan to start a business in Kenya at Progressive Credit Limited. We have 26 branches spread all over the country and accept security from title deeds, logbooks, rental property and salary for civil servants. Progressive can be able to lend from any amount.

Where can I get a fast business loan?

The big question in Kenyans mouths has been where to get fast business loans in Kenya and at progressive credit, we offer the fastest business loan facilities in Kenya. Our Loans are not only fast but also have the most affordable interest rates from just 4%.

Small Business Loans in Kenya

Quick business loans in Kenya

Progressive credit business loans dont discriminate against a business size, we support both small and large businesses who need financing.

Business Loans In Kenya Without Security

Progressive credit offers secured business loans and you can secure the loan by using your vehicle’s logbook (Logbook Loans), Your title deed, or your salary in case you are employed by the government (Salary Check Off Loans). The loans are however flexible and security can be discussed on case to case basis.

Business Lending In Kenya

Businesses often need financing to deal with the constant changes in the market. Progressive Credit has been on the forefront of supporting businesses with fast and flexible loans to make sure we offer the most competitive business loans in the market.

Business Startup Loans In Kenya

There has been a rise in the number of startups starting in Kenya with many young people coming up with innovative ways to solve complex business and social problems. A big hinderance has been financing for these often young entrepreneurs. progressive credit business loans can solve any funding issue to startups fast. You can use your vehicle logbook, title deed or rental property to secure funding of u to 10 Million Kenya Shillings.

Online Business Loans In Kenya

Quick business loans in Kenya

You can now apply for business loans on the progressive credit website and someone will reach out to you immediately to complete the loan application process. We strive to make sure we offer quick and flexible business financing in just 24 hours at an interest rate from 4%.

Best Business Loans In Kenya

Progressive credit offer the best business loan facility in Kenya with loans that are tailored to the needs of the common mwananchi. The business loans we offer are fast to make sure we disburse the money in time for you to sort out your business emergency.

Business Loan Apps In Kenya

Progressive credit have the Nawiri app that helps you apply for loans fast and directly from your phone. However with our business loans we require documentation for the security provided to make sure we customize your loan directly to your needs.

Company Loans In Kenya

Quick business loans in Kenya

Progressive Credit also offers company loans to companies we have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with and also to people who are employed by the government.

Which bank in Kenya gives loans easily?

Micro finance institutions like progressive credit offer the most effective and fast business loans because the processes in banks can be very slow and tedious.

Which bank is best for business loans?

Progressive credit has been ranked as one of the best financial institutions that offer affordable business loans across Kenya.


start-up business loans in kenya

start up business loans in kenya

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